Big E WINS Roman Reigns' Universal Title Shot..? Brock CONFIRMED UFC Plan - WWE Smackdown Highlights

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    Topics Covered In Video-
    1) Roman Reigns Vs Big E Clash of Champions 2020 Universal Title Match
    2) Brock Lesnar is not going to UFC 2020
    3) Big E Vs Matt Riddle Vs King Corbin Vs Sheamus Fatal 4 way match to become no.1 contender
    4) WWE Smackdown 4 September 2020 Highlights Preview
    5) Why The Fiend is out of Universal Title picture? did not get match at Clash of Champions 2020
    6) Roman Reigns special request to Vince McMahon before his shocking return
    #WWESmackdown #RomanReigns #BigE
    Big E WINS Roman Reigns' Universal Title Shot - Big Attack, Brock UFC Confirmed Status - WWE Smackdown Highlights
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    1. Wrestle Chatter

      Big E is my pick..... what about you? Excited for tomorrow's SMACKDOWN?😎

      1. Dilip Simkhada

        I don’t know

      2. Mdsonu Khan

        Are yaar te wrestling pe video q banata hai tu sari news WWE hindi gossips ka churata hai our jo tu bolata hai wo sari galat sabit hoti hai sala chutiya video banane nahin aata hai to q banata hai copycat sala

      3. Anand Bothara

        Corben will attack bige before the match and he will be replaced

      4. Anand Bothara

        I think big e will be replaced due injury

      5. Hamza roman 22


    2. win rii

      Roman Reigns Forever

    3. Hakai Master

      Fiend vs Roman😍

    4. Hafeez G

      Fiend ko alexa mill gai to use championship ki kya zarurat

    5. ITS SAKET


    6. rohit chaudhary

      U R rock bro

    7. Ravi Rajput

      Big E wins Roman reign bkws bkchodi sala mtch usos sa ho rhaa

    8. Hamza roman 22


    9. Hamza roman 22


    10. Bishal Shaw

      Feind ko Barbad Kardiya WWE Walo ne 😭

    11. Aryan PATWAL

      Jay uso

    12. Mohammed Ayyub

      But big e didn't won in that fatal four way how can he wrestle with big e???

    13. Maitri Adhikary

      It will be a great match......... ROMAN REIGNS VS THE FIEND for Universal Championship in Hell In A Cell ( in a cage match )

    14. Akshay Kundra

      Why not possible roman vs fiend rematch ???

    15. Rajat Sharma

      Roman Ne Khud Kaha Heel Turn ke lia 😯😯 Bhia agr Bnda kuchh chahta hai or ose wo milta hai to socho wo bnda kya kya kar skta hai


      is Life me to big_e champion nahi ho Sakta ugle janm ho Sakta ha ya nahibhi

    17. MBN Trons

      that's right Fiend Ko laga tar Do bar Roman Reigns se haraia gai a to fiend ka carriar kharab ho jae ga

    18. World Wide TV

      Hahahaha 😁😂😂😁😁😁😁😂😂😄😄😄😄😀😁😁😂😂😂😂👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Bakvaas Video Wrestle chatter Logon ko Bevkoof bana Raha hai

    19. servant of elhebait

      jhooti news kha se ati hai aapke paas

    20. Adhuri Mohabbat

      Yaar uso ko kese jeeta diya😭

    21. Prateek Parmar

      chutiya h ky kuch bhi blta h ...kbhi yh kbhi vo ....nikl bsdike ...hum vhannel hi dkh lengey

    22. song s

      Wwe is the Fack ...

    23. Gaming Roosh

      no I love roman , he deserve the championship , Big E is very bad.

    24. hussain sheikh

      Roman ne strowman ko pin kiya tha..fiend ko nh

    25. Vipin Dabla

      Roman is god guys is the god man in wwe

    26. Astik Yadav

      Fiend is going to win Royal Rumble for sure...

    27. Hanif Turiya

      I m waiting for your update of SmackDown

    28. shanaya Kapoor

      Roman reigns wins and destroyed fied bray wyatt in biggest pay per view

    29. Umair Khan

      just curious and want to know if Roman Reings is still The Top Guy Or The Face Of The Company for which WWE was building him for years.

    30. Liyakat ali

      Bigg e

    31. Manik Prajapati

      I want to see heel sheamus vs roman reings.

    32. Anuj Borhade

      Sheamus Ka Chances Hai

    33. sonu kumar

      10 baje

    34. Jimmy Kurian

      Can roman speak in Mike for at least 10 minutes

    35. khizar .z

      Brock lesner UFC or WWE dono maii same ring gear maii kiun?🤔🤔....pick my question

    36. Islami world

      How to watch wwe live show

    37. unknown person

      Gaming era brother h tu

    38. Vaibhav Borse

      Rohit bhai aapne kabi live Jakar wwe Dekhe he kya craun me ja kar

    39. Divyansh Saxena

      I pick #brawn #strowman

    40. Omkar Talekar

      Brock Lesnar goes Maybe in next live show of ufc

    41. Randeep gautam

      Fiend is a strong character but not believable and that is why people like me can't connect with him.

    42. subrat samal

      I bet for Big E

    43. Shahnawaz Shaikh

      Mai big e and matt riddle me confused hu but I want big e

    44. Abhijit Bhattacharjee

      thats exactly great because later roman can drop the title to fiend ...but Aj ko toh covid ho gya he...wo kaise ladenge

    45. Gous Patel

      Come on Sheamus ko q rakha hai yaaar waisebhi wo haaarne hi wala hai 😂😅


      Kya ok🤔


      Do a video on orange casidi

    48. WWE PSP SVR2011 2K20 Texture


    49. Kalim Khan

      Mark my words ...brock will only return to wwe and that will be a surprise ...even u wont know that brother 😂😂😂

    50. Rishi Hazarika

      ❤❤Random people who is reading this comment may your parents live long❤❤

    51. Its Unofficial

      Retribution Will End SmackDown Main Event In A No Contest


      Jo no.1 contender banega smack down me roman us par attack karega mere khyal me #wreckandleave

    53. Abir Ghosh

      Eager to watch Fiend,Bliss & Braun's storyline

    54. Yooo club

      @wrestlechatter abe chutiye tu tere giveaway ke jhut ke bare me toh bata be sale kyu apne subscribers ko chutiya banata hai..🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

      1. ノイ'ᔕ ɞ๏ᔕᔕ イノლє

        Gandu apna muh bandh rakh.

    55. Sayan Ghosh

      Otis bhaisaab kab karega cash in 😐😐😐

    56. Anirban Singha

      Yaarr yeh add mat dena video pa ppppplllllzzzzz kuch or dal dena ppppplllllzzzzz

    57. Mizan Khan

      Bay muja to lagta ha ki o gunda log fer ainga uc Bali Mac ki andar o Mac ha BiG vs shemas vs corbin vs radal

    58. Kiran gupta

      Hall in cell roman vs fiend

    59. RØhit WĀghz

      Fiend should go for intercontinental championship

    60. Chaman Bhadru

      Roman reigns vs the fiend Bray Wyatt hell is a cell match for universal championship match💯💯💯

    61. Blake darcy

      Bhai apka editing software powerdirector wla hai kya

    62. Gaming Life

      Will King of The Ring tournament happen this year

    63. haider ail shah ail shah

      2020 g

    64. haider ail shah ail shah

      Nice bhai g 🙂☺️😁😘😅

    65. Bhumi Vyas

      Abe bhai Yeh is ki bato me mat kale bole ga roman Mar gaya to woh Sach manoge

    66. The Jaffer Gaming

      Giveaway Results?

    67. Vishal Kadam

      This plan of Roman Reings has hurt the hearts of his fans

    68. Sharif Ahmed

      Clash of champions kab hai

    69. Raja Diesels

      Tu ne to tera bap bana liya Roman ko

    70. Indian gamer


    71. Md Imran Ansari

      Seth Rollins ka face turn kab hoga


      Wwe fatal four match win big e and challenge Roman reigns and Roman reigns vs the fiend crown Jewel

    73. Ashok Tyagi

      Sheamus should win tomorrow. It would be great to see ROMAN VS SHEAMUS once again . One of the best rivalry.

    74. Anoop Shahi

      Where is Daniel brayan ????☹️🙁

    75. Anurag 11

      1k comment

    76. Anurag 11


    77. bobby sharma

      What happened if Brock going in awe

    78. Pratik Jadhav

      Bro aaj aap ne khichadi khai he kya... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      I think fiend will attack Roman just after his match in the Clash of champions ppv🔥🔥

    80. Zohaib Shafiq


    81. Sunil dhakad Dhakad

      Shemus hona chahiye

    82. Be PHENOMOUS

      I don't think so remember ric fliar said that wwe should have given roman a heel turn before

    83. Phantom Reloaded A-Z

      Sheamus will give a great fight and speaks on mic flawless. But give Big E a chance

      1. Gous Patel

        Yes but this fucking WWE won't allow Sheamus to win

    84. Rahul Sanade

      My Pic Is Shamus I Think Shamus Win The Title Shot

    85. Ali Zafar

      Big e Vs Roman reigns at WM37

    86. Gaming Tube

      WWE ne thik Kiya ,barna sabko pata tha agar clash of champions me match hota Toh Roman hi jit ta aur fiend ka character waste ho jata

    87. Kamran Khan

      Matt riddle appointment of the roman reigns q k big e ne khud bataya interview Mai k roman aur muj me se roman ko choose Kiya push karne k liye tu abi roman k samne Matt riddle hon aur big e ko phely hero banaye kisi aur opponent k samne Taki wo roman k mukable ka tu lage

    88. Ritam Rakshit

      What I think will be wwe's future plans : 1) jeff Hardy jab car accident wala storyline aya tha tab usne kaha ke koi red beard, red hair wali admi ko dekha tha. I think it will be sami zayn . 2) raw main Kevin Owens baar baar Aleister black ke sath harega ( to push him) . Uske bad sami zayn draft hoge raw main. Aur dono phir se ek face tag team ban jaege. 3) sab bol raha hai ki retribution sirf raw main hi attack karenge. Roman Reigns bhi draft hoge raw main. Bola hai ki draft ke baad retribution ka face reveal hoga. Uske baad roman banega leader of retribution. What do you think guys!!?

    89. Jasrotia Anshu


    90. Priyank Lakhalani

      Brother Roman Reigns SmackDown me accha kar sakte He Raw me nahi

    91. Twist in game

      Hope wwe kal kuch kachra na kare😂🤔

    92. Tecnical khan

      toh clash of champions mai fiend kise larega

    93. Adarsh Rajput

      Big-E vs Matt riddle vs Sheamus vs Shinshuke (again without informing cesaro) Corbin hurts riddle before the match & take his place. Big-E is definitely pushed so he will be winner for no. 1 contender for Wwe universal championship. Then maybe retribution attacks him & after the beat down Reigns comes & beat the hell out of big-E & other wrestler too! (As the brock always do)

    94. Shivam Mallick

      New online battleroyal game is coming soon FAU-G

    95. jasspreet singh

      Love you Roman my hero 😍 superhero Roman he winner hoga clash of championship main 💯 my hero Roman love you my hero😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😘

    96. Saurabh Kumar

      Randy Orton se inspired hokar Roman ne demand ki hogi heel turn ki

    97. Akshat Mishra

      Rohit boring things pehle batata hai intresting things last mein because hum video ke liye last tk hyped rahe buisness mind rohit 😂

    98. GunMetal

      Chutiya ho kya be ye big e kl hi paida hua aaj jeet jayega majak chal rha hai

    99. learn music

      Ae mental pagal kaam dimaj ke

    100. Jon moxley

      Roman Reigns heel khud ban hi ban gya 😭😭😭😭😭😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰