John Cena SHOCKS at SummerSlam 2020? Randy Orton UNSCRIPTED, Miz Retribution Leader, Vince/Fiend

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    WWE Smackdown 21 August 2020 Highlights & Full Show Results:-
    Topics Covered In Video-
    1) WWE planning a secret return of John Cena at SummerSlam 2020?
    2) Randy Orton reveals he has the freedom to cut unscripted promos
    3) Mandy Rose Vs Sonya Deville Hair Vs Hair match canceled
    4) Stephanie McMahon reacts to Vince McMahon comes face to face with The Fiend
    5) Matt Hardy reacts to Jeff Hardy wins IC Championship
    6) WWE Thunderdome registration details
    7) Miz is linked to Retribution faction?
    8) Talkin Smack is about to make a return
    #JohnCena #SummerSlam #Smackdown
    John Cena SHOCKS at SummerSlam 2020? Randy Orton UNSCRIPTED, Miz Retribution Leader, Vince/Fiend
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    1. Wrestle Chatter

      'You will never see it coming' 😎 Ab dekhte hai aisa kya hota h SUMMERSLAM me🔥

      1. Abir Ghosh

        @Ritaraj Datta u tell the right thing

      2. Abir Ghosh

        Shi baat bro

      3. Gabbar gaming

        Shi kha john cena aaye bhi toh nhi dekh paoge 🤣🤣🤣

      4. Hamza roman 22

        WOW 👌👌👌👌👌👌

      5. Abir Ghosh

        Hair vs hair would be better than no dq

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    3. Gabbar gaming

      Bhai Roman Reigns nai kar diya shock toh

    4. arjint thapa


    5. arjint thapa

      Big dog is back bro

    6. Mr Official


    7. Wrestling Predictor

      Imagine this survivor series WWENXT VS WWERAW VS SMACKDOWN VS RETRIBUTION

    8. Himanshu srivastav

      I think mizz is responsible for retribution

    9. trend new

      Bhai aap wwe ke har ppv ka spoiler dete ho lakin aap Apne ppv ka spoiler kyo nahi dete ho

    10. trend new

      Yes always miz is coming after the retribution attack🤔🤔

    11. Hamza roman 22


    12. Hamza roman 22

      Good 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

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    14. DX yash

      अल के लिए एक congratulation कम कह पाउ या नही इस लिए अभी खड़िया पूरी वीडियोस देखता हूँ bro तुम्हारी।।।लगे रहो

    15. ABHI JYOT

      Thunderdome paise lgte hei kya ? Register ke be paise lgde he ?

    16. Arjun Malik

      John Cena esa pagal banate rahte hai

    17. Viraj dey

      John cena ki comeback ka koi reason nhi hai akar bakri hi banna parega to kiya fayda akar I don't want john cena's comeback

    18. SHAHZEB Awan

      i have registered for seat in summerslam

    19. Rajat Sharma

      Raw Underground Raw ke lia hai to Retribution ka zyada aatank Smackdown par hi rahega..

    20. karan jadhao

      bhai brock lesner kab wapas ayege???

    21. Umer Akbar


    22. Mishra vlogs

      Kya yah wala drew McIntyre ko Roman reigns hara payega

    23. Mishra vlogs

      kya Roman reigns summer slam me return hoga

    24. prakash rd


    25. Vishal Sharma Sharma

      Bhai i am in thunderdome and you saw me in tv

    26. Sandeep Singh 9B,32

      Mai zyada hair vs hair ko prefer karunga

    27. Kapil Pandey

      Toh kya sach m wwe chhodne wale hai Sonya ya Mandy rose

    28. Ashish Kamble


    29. The Pirate Records

      @WrestleChatter You Can Take MY song For Bgm They Were Non Copyright Music......

    30. Younus ahmed

      Who is retruebution who are they??

    31. Joydip Majumder

      I want the bakwas,faltu,boring Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins retirement

    32. fitting viren

      I love you j c

    33. Multiversed sai

      Bhai john cena ki barabari aur koi superstar nahi kar sakta HE IS GREATEST OF ALL TIME


      Excited for 23august 1:00pm

    35. Nasim Khan

      Jhon Cena💯💯

    36. Mr. Gamers

      What happened to mystery hacker??

    37. Rajdeep ghosh

      Bhai how to register thunderdome.... Pls rply dena pls

    38. Aadi Sahotra

      Roman reigns updates

    39. Silent Struggle R.K

      Main the miz ko dakh kr video open Kia because I am very fan fan her

    40. Savage Gaming

      I don't want to see Sonya or Mandy to get fired 😥😥😭

    41. Naman kumar sinha

      Bhai kitni ads allowed karri hai tune

    42. Rohit bhau Shirsat

      John cean my favourite

    43. Mohd Rizwan

      No he will not return in summerslam (john cena)

    44. bakababa shekhar

      I want ki randy ar drew ki match mai randy Orton jeet jye ar uske baad john cena aye ar wo randy orton ko apna signature move deke challenge kr de wwe championship ke liye.

    45. pankaj salekar

      bhai Mr money in bank kya kar raha hai ........why otis ko jitwaya tha

    46. Atharv GOA

      Why Stephanie looks Fat?

    47. Reenaanaaya a1_aa 6hditya reena

      I want to see hair v hair I don't want to see anyone go from WWE

    48. Ritaraj Datta

      personally i think restrictions for covid forced WWE to build great storylines. In normal times we used to see a good story become slow and boring... same happened again.. example Sonia and Mandy hair vs hair... i personally lost interest in this feud as it seems getting ended in a single PPV...

    49. Ritaraj Datta

      how ab8 John cena helping Randy and team up... heel turn of Cena after interaction with the Fiend


      I think i will appear in thr thunderstorm led

    51. Ritaraj Datta

      everybody knows leaving wwe is a fake thing, obviously hair vs hair was awaited, but no DQ and loser leave wwe type matches are very very common, i think interest on this match is died now.... but who knows if there is a twist or last min changes.. obviously hair vs hair....also so great build up and f****d (sorry)up last.....🥴

    52. Gudala Sairam

      Heartfelt congratulations to you#wrestle chatter

    53. Piyush Sahu

      Summerslam india me kb show hoga

    54. Zulfa Taranum

      Hair vs hair

    55. Buddy Hostel

      I think the hacker is the leader of retribution

    56. Odiastar Official

      Let's do Cena🔥🔥🔥

    57. Ranjeet Kumar

      Jhon Cena best

    58. Arbaaz Khan Pathan

      Summer slam par shayad thugnomics ho sakta hai

    59. Arbaaz Khan Pathan

      Bilkul bhai mene ye pehli hi baar me dekh liya tha lekin mene comment nahi kiya

    60. diparsan karki

      Thank god John Cena has come again

    61. Sarbjit Sharma

      What if Cena returns and challenge Fiend for Universal Championship(as per wrestlemania's unfinished business with Bray? That's just awesome🔥🔥

    62. king star gamer

      Smack down renting

    63. K7 Gaming

      The fiend is best

    64. Delwar Hossain

      gadha 15 mins me full hua hain summerslam ka,10 mins nahi

    65. pape papore

      Bhai Tu Jaye GA kya



    67. Arun Ca Blaze

      Sajay dutt former TNA superstar hai wwe official ka sath hai

    68. Vijay Pratap

      To late sry from wrestling warriors rebirth


      Awesome video

    70. Shomana Sekh

      Thank bro

    71. The wrestle slayer

      Feind vs braun strowman match is now falls count anywhere

    72. Rohit Punetha

      Bhai m to dono ko wwe m dekhna chata hu

    73. Rohit Punetha

      Surprise to bhai mirzapur n d deya 😆😆😆😆😆😆 next month mirzapur 2

    74. GST vlogs

      Nice video bro

    75. Majid Ali

      Bhai summer slam me randy ortan VS mcintyre ka match draw hoga or wo match hoga phir payback me ye mere thought Hain or apke kya thoughts Hain ke wo konsa match hoga

    76. Majid Ali

      Bhai jese ke Alexa bliss ka Pata nhin wo kiska sath Dene wali Hai summer slam me magar jese storyline chal rahi Hai us hisab Se lagta Hai ke wo the fiend ki side Hain to kya Alexa bliss summer slam ke bad bhi the fiend ke sath continue rahne wali hain

    77. Majid Ali

      Bhai kya Broun strowman VS Bray Wyatt ki summer slam match me koi stipulation nhin hogi

    78. yourshayarboy khan

      BhAi curt Hawkins ne TNA impact join kar liya hai...unka waha bhala ho sakta hai kya

    79. Majid Ali

      Bhai kya raw underground me kabhi bare bare superstar future honge jese Brock lesner randy ortan drew mcintyre

    80. Majid Ali

      Bhai ap apna name HAR video me kion introduce karte Hain jabke sabko Pata lag gaya hoga ke apka name rohit Hai Sorry bhai agar bura laga ho to

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    83. Savya Bhandaree

      Me toh hair vs hair chahta tha😪 company leave karna toh wwe me nhi kaam krta 😂 kyuki woh firse aa hi jayenge😂 but hair shave hota toh real wala feel aata

    84. Ashish Chaudhary

      Hair vs hair is best think bro🤔

    85. Raja Maurya

      J̶a̶r̶u̶r̶ b̶h̶a̶i̶ w̶a̶i̶t̶ r̶a̶h̶e̶ g̶a̶ v̶i̶d̶e̶o̶ k̶A̶

    86. Sujan vj

      Bai samk down live ta or taping taa

    87. Shekikh Md

      Where is the hacker of RAW?

    88. Syed Arsalan

      Hair Vs hair match

    89. Gaming With Smoky

      Randy ortan is a legend killer but john cena is the ultra hd legend for me I don't know if it's for anyone else

    90. cricket gali khabar

      John says: u can see me coz I am not coming

    91. Daryas Dara

      randy orton wwe champyan😻😻

    92. Danna Khatiwada

      I want talk to u if u want just massage me

    93. Afridi Khan

      I got raw thunderdome seat ⭐️💚

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      congrection bhai aap ke 3 Saal ke liye meri brithday 24 agust ko😍🥳

    95. Keith Adaikalam

      Maine wwe thunderdome ki terms and conditions padhi hai, usme likha hai ki tumhe aawaz nahi karna hai aur discipline se rehna hai. Hame koi bhi political related t-shirts, logos, graphics, images ko tv par nahi dikhana hai. Humko thunderdome ke time ekk dum sober rehna hoga, wwe humko kabhi bhi terminate kar sakti hai participate karne ke liye agar hamara behavior inappropriate hua toh. Agar hum late hue toh hamare attendance seat kisi aur ko chale jayegi. Ekk aur baath note karne ke liye ki wwe apni tv par aani wali footage ka istemaal kar sakti hai for advertising purposes, TV, radio, broadcasting, internet platforms ke liye use kar sakti hai. Hum apni marzi se yeh TV par aana chahte hai aur hum wwe ko kuch nahi bol sakte ki hamari footage promo wagera ke liye kyun use kiye.

    96. Shuva Sarkar

      I was waiting when you will mention miz I saw him first believe me

    97. MIM TV Khandwa

      Raat ko 1 baje video dekh rha hu bhai ab kal dophar ek baje ka intezar hai love you Brother❤️

    98. Warsee Ahmed

      I think after Randy win the title from drew Cena appears and AA Randy to progress there match career vs title on the could be a historical match for wwe fans but wwe should work with solid storyline.

    99. Honey Sharma

      Not intrested in any wrestler ,only want lesnar return #beast unleashed

    100. Kashif Naveed

      Rohit take my question tommorow Seth will be hero and what will be Cena doing in wwe