The Rock & AJ Styles Tested POSITIVE COVID-19 😥| WWE 35+ Cases of Coronavirus

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    The Rock posted a video on his Instagram and reveals he and his family tested for COVID-19. Also WWE Superstar AJ Styles sends a message to The Rock through his Twitch stream and reveals he was tested positive for Coronavirus. The Rock Covid positive
    #TheRock #AJStyles #COVID19
    The Rock & AJ Styles Tested POSITIVE COVID-19 😥| WWE 35+ Cases of Coronavirus
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    1. Wrestle Chatter

      Hopefully The Rock and unki poori family and World jaldi bahar aa jaaye is situation se🙏

      1. SHIELD AP

        Aj styles to aaj aayethe smackdown par

      2. Hamza roman 22


      3. RC Brawlers

        Bhai, Roman reigns also positive.

      4. Huzaifa Saifi

        Sirf yhi kyon

      5. gabriel alejandro navarro pizaña 今日はとても好きです!

    2. drz

      What language is this? 😑

    3. Aamir


    4. SHIELD AP

      Today aj styles coming in wwe smackdown 🥵🥵

    5. Hamza roman 22


    6. Hamza roman 22


    7. jackson winfrey

      I don,t why I m still watching WWE but whenever I try not to watch it anymore curiosity strikes me and I watch the whole show . 😅 Anyway prayers to rock & phenomenal aj styles

    8. Tayeb Tahsin

      Lie I saw smackdown aj is fine dont post fake news

    9. Aditya Rawat

      Get well soon the rock and the rock family and aj styles.

    10. Sandeep Singh 9B,roll no.32

      Rock have recovered from coronavirus successfully

    11. Akhilesh malya

      Wwe hiding there trust....

    12. rafay malik

      I pray for aj styles and the rock



    14. shanaya Kapoor

      I pray to my favourite superstar the rock

    15. Ajay Kumar

      This is your first video after Summer slam in which Roman Reigns is not involved

    16. Jpdst29

      The first symptom was they couldn’t smell what the rock was cooking

    17. The Inspiration

      COVID-19, The Rock, and AJ Styles is all I understood in this entire video.

    18. Rishav Beast

      I tale WWE universe that Rock and his family members will recovered from covid 19.

    19. Mr Reactorz Zone

      2020 me or kya kya hoga yaar😭😭😭

    20. Suman Mahat

      we love u the rock and aj styles we pray for u and your family

    21. Gautam Mishra

      I wish Rock and styles should recover soon

    22. haider ail shah ail shah

      Nice bhai ☺️😺😊☺️☺️😊

    23. syed kamran

      Also Kevin Nash tested positive for covid19

    24. Luca Luppi


    25. Rishav Beast

      I am sure that Rock will recover soon.

    26. Neelam Yadav

      Aj is phenomenal he is safe from covid 19

    27. PRATIK Panchal

      Don't worry..... Rock is so fit ... He will be fine...soon...😭😭😭😭👍👍👍

    28. Ravi Singh

      Hopefully rock ,aj styiels and whole world covid 19 se thik rahe

    29. Sumit Ghosh

      Vaccines arihai bohot jaldi hum sab bachjayge😄😄😄😄

    30. Asha Shaw

      Yes every one think s of their family and children

    31. prachi darkunde

      Rock Aaur AJ Theek Hone Chahiye

    32. Sonu RAZZPUT


    33. Taizul Islam

      Very bad the rock and family and The AJ style covid 19

    34. Sarla Patil

      Itna exercise krte hain phir bhi covid positive...... How

    35. Rohit Singh

      I pray for all the people to be have a good health.

    36. Roman Reigns

      Hope AJ Styles , Dwayne Johnson and his Family Recover soon 😥😥🙏🙏

    37. neetu magu

      Dwayne Johnson is now healthy

    38. Sikandar Khan

      Rohit Bhai covid asa kuch nahi raha ab ye sirf ek business ban chuka hai


      I pray a speedy recovery for those people who are suffering from covid 19. It is not good for anyone.


      People's champ Will recover by people wishes

    41. Rakesh Parihar

      Bro payback ki viewers ship please

    42. Babu Naik

      Ro hit

    43. Email Email

      The truth came out with the “CDC and the 6%” Soooo now they are getting big and strong celebs to try and re-ignite the fear’s pathetic. 🇺🇸💪TRUMP2020💪🇺🇸

    44. Gaming Toturiol

      Yes i always pray of covid 😥😥😥😥

    45. ishwar deo

      Get well soon Aj

    46. prakash rd


    47. WWE 2020 highlights

      I wish that the rock and aj styles recover real fast

    48. Kamrul Hassan

      Bhai tu korta kese he re itna kam

    49. BOD GAMER

      roman positive ho jana chahiye

    50. Raj Desai

      The Rock 😢💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

    51. Monjit Das

      I hope both aj styles and rock recover successfully

    52. Technical Beast

      Pubg ban 😭 or 🤔 or 😂 ?

    53. Abbas Sober

      I love the rock

    54. Asif Khan

      I hope rock family early better

    55. Sanjay Gaikar

      I pray🙏🙏 for Rock and his family and all the other wwe superstars to get better and may they all survive this pandemic.

    56. Moinul Hassan

      #GetWellSoon #DwayneTheRockJohnson and his family

    57. Kamlesh The Rock

      😷please stay home

    58. Md. Mahamudul Haque

      Roman vs Rock ka match hoga wrestlemania 37 me

    59. song s

      Bhai WWE is the Fack ?

    60. anime slayer 2.0

      The Rock what you're neam corona shut your mouth😎😎

    61. Sporty vansh aata baata jo yeh link vali video n dekhe...... Or usko like n kre

    62. ishika Madan

      AJ styles is covid 19 positive 😲


      Rock and Uske family safe ho jaaye🙂 and Aj ko Bhi nhi bhul skta 🙂

    64. Syed Muhammad Husnain Abidi

      Very sad news

    65. dipa Ojha

      Difficult time for all corona patients.Lets pray😢😢

    66. dipa Ojha

      Pray all the corona patients

    67. Fan & Man Connection

      bhai anyone noticed retribution and akira tozawa ninjas 🤔🤔

    68. Akshat Srivastava

      It's good 🤣😇

    69. Rishab Khanna

      we all know that rock is such a great wrestler get well soon

    70. king gamer Guru

      I am praying for all wwe superstars who are covid 19 take care good and get well soon 🙏🙏🙏

    71. Offensive AF

      how worse can it get😭😭

    72. Sceptile Darkrai

      Nothing will happen to rock don't forget he is a former wrestler his immunity is too strong

    73. Arun Yadav

      God bless rock and Aj



    75. Shri Kant

      Bhai black adam ko corna kaise ho sakta hai

    76. Kirtan C Pahari

      Rock has a very small doughter of 3 year old, oh my god, it means she is also positive. I pray to Ram jee for Rock N family. Also, For AJ Style

    77. Sourav Pyne

      Hope AJ Styles recover quickly.

    78. Manju Malik

      This year not world T20 This year World corona Friting cup

    79. Dhh Bdb

      The rock will rock bottom Corona virus 💪

    80. AHMAD khan Ak


    81. Ahmed Hamid

    82. Pawan saharan

      Hopefully his family is recover very soon


      Corona virus amir aur garib dekh ke nahi hota

    84. Suman Sarker


    85. Lakshya Parmar


    86. Arijit Sinha

      Vince McMahon?

    87. Raj Goswami

      pabg ban ho chuka ha

    88. Anurag 11

      Lets pray for them 🙏

    89. Anurag 11


    90. D D Forest DD SINGH

      Get well soon The rock and aj style famliey


      Lag ta hai Roman Reign phir bhaag jaga

    92. Muhammad Saim

      I hope rock family and aj styles get fine soon

    93. Angel Thakur

      Aj style is my favorite superstar

    94. #Follow the blues

      Bhai Kevin Nash ko corona hu gaya hai


      Bhai mujhe nahi pata tha ki a styles bhi gamer hai

    96. Shafayet M H

      Agar aj style covid-19 ki liye positive tha to wo wrestle qui kar raha tha

    97. Shivam Kumar

      Oh my god jab itne bade superstar ko ho rha hai Corona to hum log to kuch nhi nhi hai please main bhi aap sabhi logo se ek request karunga ki please wear mask aur social distancing ka khyal rakhe aur stay home stay safe and I,m shock to an styles ki unhone kabhi pata hi nhi lagte diya dan ko ki wo positive hai to covid 19


      Chutiya khabar hai sab sab fack hai ye sirf wwe ke bare mai galat kharab deta hai chutiya youtber


      I pray that everyone in the world get recovered from covid-19

    100. Talk PW

      I hope all will recover from virus. ALSO now universal championship Is going to get relinquished