WWE Payback 2020 - Roman Reigns with Retribution, Last Minute Spoilers | Highlights | Results

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    WWE Payback 2020 Highlights, Results, Last Minute Updates, Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman to work with Retribution, Roman Reigns wins Universal Title, Payback 2020 date and time in India, Alexa Bliss heel turn, Paul Heyman helps Roman Reigns
    #WWEPayback #RomanReigns #SethRollins
    WWE Payback 2020 - Roman Reigns with Retribution, Last Minute Spoilers | Highlights Results
    Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns vs. “The Monster” Braun Strowman (No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match)
    WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax
    Keith Lee vs. Randy Orton
    United States Champion Apollo Crews vs. Bobby Lashley
    Dominik & Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy
    Matt Riddle vs. King Corbin
    Big E vs. Sheamus
    Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan Vs Iiconics
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    1. Wrestle Chatter

      Subah milte hai fir Payback k baad👍 Is baar kachra hone ki ummeed to nahi hai😉

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        Bhai Roman Reigns jeet gaya

      3. Darr Yasir

        @BeNaM BadShaH feind nd bron busted their ass during pandamics .nd roman was js enjoying..nd now wwe sucks both feind nd bron .and directely books roman as champ wwe sucks now boaring storyline Aew is better then wwe

      4. BeNaM BadShaH

        @Darr Yasir Roman is champ please watch on my channel

      5. Darr Yasir

        kar diya kacha orten ka feend ka

    2. Gazzy Jacksone Sharp Shooter Technical Guruji

      Bro What Happens If Big E Turns Heel

    3. Jam Shahzaib

      Paul Hyman 20 years With Brock Leaner Now He Join Roman Rings 8 Years Carear

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    5. Hamza roman 22


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      Brock Lesnar ko return karo

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      MaineNew phone liya or isme Rohit bhai ki aawaz hi change jesi lag rahi hai mai to confuse hu ki ye Rohit bhai hi hai na....

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      Geez you talk wayyyyy to fast. Slow the heck down I can't understand what you are talking about.

    12. Raj Rajubhai

      It reminds me Harley queen

    13. MD: Nayan

      nice video

    14. ANAS shaikh

      that's why roman has gain weight and now he will fight shirt less in ring to look more hell and domenent

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      Alexa blix to Harley queen ban gai joker wali lagta hey suicide squad 2 ka promo phele hi chala dia.

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      𝚁𝚘𝚖𝚊𝚗 𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚕𝚊𝚊 𝚑𝚒 𝚔𝚊𝚏𝚏𝚒 𝚑𝚊𝚒 🤙

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      Roman ,riddle ,lashley ,nia and shyna ,rey and dominick ,

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    21. sam the rider vlogs


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      tune zo bhi bola nahi mila beta

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      payback video ban win Roman reigns

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      BHAI, Paul heyman guy won wwe universal championship 🤩🤩 # Roman Reigns # New era

    25. Rafiul Hoque

      Bro when Roman will become face again??I miss the face caracter of him.😢

    26. Fayyaz uddin

      Bhai WWE ne woh factor jisme Mandy rose ko soniya DeVille ki sacchai batane Wala woh x factor aadmi ka Kya hua

    27. Kartik Gupta

      Rohit predicted it before on how will roman reigns pose after winning match

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      paprom.info/block/v/hGfTjMmj0qaomYI.html your 2nd channel?

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      paprom.info/block/v/hGfTjMmj0qaomYI.html your 2nd channel?

    30. SSC UK

      paprom.info/block/v/hGfTjMmj0qaomYI.html youR 2nd Channel

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      Roman reigns win title

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    33. Mishra vlogs

      Kya sheamus return honge jald hi face wala character mein

    34. পঞ্চম শ্রেণি

      Payback Results: 1. Apollo Crews vs Bobby Lashley(Bobby Lashley) [new United States Champion ] 2. King Corbin Vs Matt Riddle( Matt Riddle) 3. Keith Lee vs Randy Orton ( Keith Lee) 4.Big E vs Sheamus ( Big E) 5. Sasha Banks& Bayley vs Nia Zax& Shayna Bazler(Nia Zax & Shayna Bazler)[New Women's tag team champions ] 6.Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy Vs Dominik Mystirio& Rey Mystirio(Dominik Mystirio & Rey Mystirio) 7.The Fiend Bray Wyatt vs Braun Strowman Vs Roman Reings ( Roman Reings) [New Universal Champion]

    35. Mishra vlogs

      Big e defeated sheamus in payback

    36. GamerBeastYT

      Ab public chutiya nhi h ki koi over power super star aayega or rating badh jayegi 😂🤣🤣

    37. Creations That you want

      Finally Roman got his universal title Believe that 🤙🤙🤙

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      Sala paul 🤬... Agar vo wwe mein nhi hotha yo roman heel nhi hota😭😭😭

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      Wreck everyone and leave 😎

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      Where is roman reings on the triple threat? 🤣

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      I created WWE wrestling game for ANDRIOD

    42. MR. SUBHAM SVR

      I always tuned you because of Seth Rollins

    43. Farun Jain

      Randy lost even keith lee ne apna finisher bhi use ni kiya just power bomb me hi...yeh kya hai wwe ka plan orton ke liye 🙄🙄



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      1.19M no 1.22M

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      Roman mere bhai jesa hai me auska bahot bahot bada fan hu

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      Seth rollins should called the stomp um finisher move the blackout stomp in the WWE on WWE raw

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      Exellent work

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      abey saare articals yahi hai kah rahe hain internet par ki Smackdown ki ratings badi hai Roman ki wajah se chutiya rohit

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      Brock Lesnar return

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      Legends watching after 12am😁😁😁

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      Brock returns suplx city drw mc and rendy samthig roman empire

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      Today sunday & your Q&A Video not Upload ?

    55. Drama Alert

      Sister Abigail character mujy acha nae lag rha q k alexa bliss us me pury kapry pehnnegi

    56. Rajib Kumar Sarma

      What about Jinder Mahal bhai

    57. Aryan Gupta

      Bro retribution ka attack nxt mai kyun nhi hota?? Aur wwe wale nxt mai thunderdome kyun nhi la rhe pls reply...

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    59. Straight Out Of Hills

      Alexa bliss goin to be the sister abigail i think

    60. shramank singh

      When did aop and indus sher return in the ring

    61. Naveed palwala

      Naya aur shaina Jet jayengi beyly aur shasha bang ki aapas mai larai hugi aur dono mai championship match huga aur. Bang title jet jay gi aur byely baby face hujay gi

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      Bhai aaj Sunday hai aap ne aaj kisi ka questions kar k un question ka Answer nahi diya bhai ....aisa video nahi banaya aap ne bhai or aisa video aap haar Sunday ko banate ho aap bhai

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      Roman reigns agar champion bana to viewership or kam hoga fhir se 2 ke niche aa jaye ga

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      Why so many ads brother in a 8 min video , 😕

    65. Saqlain Rizvi

      The next oppnent of randy is drew lashely is ali jeff hardy sami zayn

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      भाई क्या अब रोमन रेंस एक हील सुपरस्टार की तरह भागेंगे please answer my question 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    67. Yogesh R. K.

      May be jaise cm punk ke saath paul heyman the aur us waqt shield aya krti thi shayad waise hi retribution kal ke match me kre

    68. Saqlain Rizvi

      And the finn balor oppenent is wade barret next we are going to See wade attacked finn

    69. Saqlain Rizvi

      Finn balor wins the match

    70. Arkadeep Chakraborty

      Money In The Bank Cash and OTIS win Championship and that's not a prediction that's a spoiler #WWE_UNIVERSAL_championship

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      Kya Roman Reigns Ka Theme change Hoga Aur Attire bhi ????

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      Bri i think there will be feud between fiend and braunstownmen with Alexa bliss involved

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      John Cena lana chahiye. Rating aapne aap badh jayega

    80. Amita Sharma

      Listen Remember when CM Punk was Paul Heyman Client Shield would interrupt in his matches and now roman reigns is paul hryman client retribution will interupt in his matches..........So Retribution is working for Paul Heyman

    81. Incredible Knowledge

      Wrestle chatters after Roman Roman heal or face Roman Paul he-man guy Roman and Brock team Now Roman with retribution Give other updates about Nakamura or Cesaro not always roman

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      Paul heyman and Roman reigns have good chemistry, they will definitely make a great pair.

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      Roman reigns not step into ring

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      Paul Heyman looks more chubby which is dangerous for him

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      AJ style comes to .. SD to avoid working paul heyman.. but now.. paul heyman is on SD... 😂

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