'Ye RAW Toofaani Hai🔥' McIntyre Vs Lee Ends in Retribution CHAOS, Seth Breakup - WWE Raw Highlights

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    WWE Raw 14 September 2020 Highlights & Full Show Results, Drew McIntyre Vs Keith Lee, Retribution attacks Drew McIntyre & Keith Lee, Seth Rollins def. Dominik in a steel cage match, Seth Rollins attacks Murphy, Braun Strowman on Raw Underground, Braun Strowman Vs Dabba Kato
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    'Ye RAW Toofaani Hai🔥' McIntyre Vs Lee Ends in CHAOS, Seth & Murphy Breakup - WWE Raw Highlights
    WWE Raw Full Results -
    WWE Champion Drew McIntyre came out to cut a promo. WWE official Adam Pearce then informed him that if Randy Orton can't make it to Clash of Champions and if Keith Lee defeats McIntyre in their non-title match tonight, then Keith Lee will challenge McIntyre for the title at Clash of Champions.
    Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits defeated SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura in a non-title match
    Backstage, Zelina Vega informed Andrade and Garza that she couldn't deal with them anymore. After she left, Garza and Andrade got into a fight.
    Cedric Alexander (w/The Hurt Business) defeated Ricochet (w/Apollo Crews)
    Raw Women's Champion Asuka defeated Mickie James to retain her title
    United States Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Erik of The Viking Raiders in a non-title match
    The commentators announced that Mandy Rose had been traded to Raw from SmackDown, and a vignette of Mandy was shown
    Seth Rollins defeated Dominik Mysterio (w/The Mysterio Family) in a Steel Cage Match. After the match, Rollins attacked Buddy Murphy for not obeying him when Rollins told him to stay backstage earlier in the night.
    Dolph Ziggler defeated an unnamed opponent in a Raw Underground fight. Riddick Moss challenged him next, but their fight was interrupted by SmackDown's Braun Strowman.
    Kevin Owens defeated Aleister Black
    Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan defeated Natalya Neidhart & Lana. After the match, Women's Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax destroyed Lana and Natalya as The Riott Squad looked on.
    Braun Strowman continued to dominate Raw Underground until Dabba-Kato stepped up to him. Shane McMahon stopped them from fighting and told them to save it for next week.
    Retribution interfered in the main event match between Keith Lee and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, destroying both of them. The Hurt Business then came out and tried to fight Retribution but they were severely outnumbered. The show went off the air right after Lee and McIntyre both delivered Senton Bombs over the top rope, taking out everybody on the floor.
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